Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tree Trimming x 12! (Jan.)

 At our home, we love to reflect the changing of the seasons and our favorite holidays with special decorations. 
(my personal faves are fall & of course, Christmas!)
With kids and dogs running through the house it doesn't take long for our creations to look a bit not so fresh. So this year, in a effort to cut down on clutter,  I decided to keep those special items in just a few designated spots. Our lighted, north woods, pine tree is one of those spots. We keep this tree up year round as it goes with the main decor and fits perfectly in an awkward cubby near our foyer.
For the most part I just love turning on the twinkly lights but, after decorating it for Christmas the idea came for adding fun new decorations for seasonal changes and holidays, then on to monthly changes to fit in with some of my upcoming, home preschool, activities.
Get ready for Tree Trimming x 12!
Each month the tree will get a new look. We are excited for the challenge and to share our creations!
Our tree:
For our first look of the year the kids and I had decided on a snowman tree.
It was so fun to find all the necessary components & get down to creating.
We think the final result turned out great!
The snowman is just batting mixed with some foam snowflakes and plastic icicles. We used pine cones for a mouth, buttons for eyes and a carrot nose (made from a cone-shaped, thread spool covered in orange felt).
The kids found mismatched gloves that slid nicely onto the branches and topped it off with a hat.
I ♥ twinkling lights covered with snow!
We have already begun planning a "Love" theme for next month!
Happy Creating!!

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