Friday, January 25, 2013

Potato Pancakes

Good afternoon!

It's almost the weekend and the sun is shining, life is good!  My husband was home today, due to some errands that we needed to run, so we planned to go out for breakfast. Our youngest suggested Mc Donald's, of course, but we wanted a real meal and decided upon our favorite greasy spoon, a family owned cafe called Cheap Charlie's. We love this place, it's comfortable, welcoming, and loaded with diner charm! (Plus, any restaurant with a giant, concrete pig on the top of the building has to be good right?!) Their coffee is served in random mugs from area businesses, omelets are made from real eggs, and the pancakes are roughly the size of a hubcap!
I usually order chicken fried steak with hash browns but went with one of the specials this morning - "Savory Potato Pancakes". YUM! Although I knew they would not be sweet, I wasn't sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised.  Potato pancakes are now something I would definitely like to try at home and have been researching recipes. A lot that I have found call for deep frying or even a sweet potato variation so I have done my best to collaborate a basic recipe, add-ins welcome.    
Potato Pancakes
4-5 medium sized potatoes - peeled & shredded
2 eggs
2 TBS. flour
dash of S&P
combine all ingredients
pour rounded spoonfuls onto skillet (preheated to 375°)
(I am going to try it with a bit of butter to coat our electric skillet rather than frying in oil)
fry both sides until golden brown.
top with sour cream  - optional
These go excellent with sunny side up eggs!
To make them savory, omit the S&P and add about a tsp. of  seasoning salt.
cooked, crumbled bacon
green onions
(even cream cheese would be good!)
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