Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Organizing

Winter Organizing

January, at our prairie home on the hill, is organization month.
Most days we don't dare leave because of frigid temps or blowing snow, so this offers plenty of time to empty out a closet...or two.  As much as I love those magazines where everything is neat in uniform containers it's not always realistic. Like I mentioned above, most days we don't dare leave, but the closet still needs a makeover, so we get creative. 

Here are some tips on 'budget' organizing:

1. Make a plan. Unless you have a whole crew of people willing to help tackle the house in one day, (this does not include children), it works best to space out projects.  One-A-Day, especially if that 'one' is a closet or major cupboard.
   2. Set up a cleaning product and sorting area. This tends to be our breakfast bar. I'd rather have that cluttered than the whole kitchen table. (I just re-made a new year rule of no eating in the living room, let's not be  counterproductive.) ;)

   3. Don't put it off. One-A-Day adds up quickly when none are done a day. Wake up, set your plan, start early.

4. Use what you have.  That uniform, magazine look is awesome, but so is a clean and organized space.
I found a linen closet that looked so great in a magazine and had grand ideas of running to the nearest home improvement store. Too bad I had just enough time that day to hit up the grocery store for supplies before it started to snow and blow. As I was around the house I noticed a clear bin, perfect for pillows, 3 black baskets, and 3 wooden baskets that will work great for my closet redo. Also, ya know those Velcro ribbons that hold together pajama and bedding sets? Yep, I keep them ~ now they will be used to hold blankets and sheet sets together. 

5. If you have to buy new  - make it count.  I love bins, but don't always have the space for them. My "major" purchase was two packs of the off brand 'Space Bags'. One jumbo set, for big blankets, and one variety set.  Trying them out this weekend and am very excited!

6. Take enough breaks. Stop and assess your work, but also make sure to have a glass of water and some sort of snack. I want to say apples, but we all know it's Fritos and something chocolate.

7. Play some music and smile! This is NOT a chore! Here on the blustery, winter prairie we relish spring and summer and have no time to go looking for much needed items: bedding for camping, sunscreen and bug spray, swimming gear, and the picnic basket. Good to have it all ready by that first 50° day. :)

Happy Organizing!

I will try an' post some before/after pics on of my organizational journey on the Prairie Hill Living facebook page. 

 Meanwhile, enjoy yours!