Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lip Scrubs!

O.k. I was hoping to post this earlier but today was quite a long day of tending to the young'ns, cleaning and cooking. (The cooking part was of breakfast burritos - I'll be sharing that recipe tomorrow!)

 There's nothing better than having a "beauty secret", especially one that is homemade! Tonight's recipe is two for the price of one! It's that time of the year when the cold, dry air wreaks havoc on the skin and lips. Instead of peeling dry skin or over applying the lip moisturizer try out one of these great lip scrubs.  I have been using the Wintertime Lip Scrub for a couple of days now and my lips love it!

                                  1.  Lavender Lip Scrub   (pictured above ▲)
 1 TBS. white sugar
(since I am cutting sugar from food recipes I need to use it somewhere - no waste ;)
1 TBS. extra virgin olive oil
             1 drop of lavender essential oil
(changed from 1-2 because the lemon was added)
1 drop lemon essential oil
                  food coloring    *optional
Mix together thoroughly and store in an airtight container
Apply a small amount to lips, lightly scrub, wash off with warm water
►Because this one contains essential oil, I do not recommend ingesting◄
2. Wintertime Lip Scrub
1 TBS. brown sugar
                   1 TBS. grape seed oil or e.v.o.o.
1 tsp. honey
Mix together thoroughly and store in an airtight container
Apply a small amount to lips, lightly scrub, let sit for a minute, gently wash off with warm water.
 - or if you have not gotten your sugar fix for the day just lick it off!

*These are adaptations of basic lip scrub recipes, the ingredients used work for me but in the case of a reaction - allergic or other - seek medical advice or help a.s.a.p.

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