Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Blog Post!

First day of the new blog!

Hello & thank you for finding Prairie Hill Living!
For starters here's a little bit about me:
 I am a full time mom, wife, homemaker, daughter, sister and Christian. (This week it's beyond full time here at home as all little ones in the house are under the weather.  So in between laundry, water refills, temp checks, meds & snuggles I will be posting.)
I enjoy cooking, cleaning - yes, cleaning, organizing, decorating,crafting n' creating, learning and putting into practice self-sufficient country living and most of all, sharing all of this with my family.
I somewhat started what I wanted for a blog on my own personal facebook page but would like to be more visible and lately have decided farcebook needs to go anyway - sweet freedom! My hope is to continue and improve what I had started but, in a new blog setting.
I will try to post everyday but real life has first dibs. ;)

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