Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snowman Fun! (Home Preschool)

Home Preschool

Last September my lil' guy & I started home preschool. At first it was a challenge but, after getting into a routine this has become our most favorite time of the day. I love how excited he gets about learning! 
Although I knew the basics I wanted to teach and do have workbooks for most subjects I did need a lot of extra help on how to put it all together and make it FUN! Thank goodness for all the wonderful resources out there, Pinterest being #1 on the list! From the daily schedule to fun activities and crafts to go with our theme it proves to be a wealth of information.
Our weekly themes are decided by holidays, seasons or current topics & interests.
For this snowy & cold, last week of January a Snowman theme seemed appropriate!
Along with creating the Snowman tree (posted earlier) we will be using some of these fun activities and crafts too:

This site is super! Lots of printable worksheets for the a Winter/Snowman theme plus great information on home preschool.
Oopsey Daisy -W is for Winter

We do most of our painting projects on Thursdays, because we have more time, and will be trying this out for sure!
Marshmallow Snowman Stamping

I love this page! There are so many great sensory recipes and theme bath ideas. (If we only had a tub!)
Erupting Snowballs

 Aerial Snowman by my C!
This was a good craft for cutting and gluing practice.

Our Snowman theme changes to Winter Fun for the first week of February with some more great, learning activities:

Mitten Matching

Ice Fishing For Letters

Magnet Number Fishing

Tons of Winter Theme Activities!

Winter Theme for Preschool


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