Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine ♥ Votive Jar

Valentine ♥ Votive Jar
This morning, after preschool, I had some time in the "art room" and decided to make a Valentine heart - votive holder.
This is a great reuse-it project! Gather up those odds n' ends from around the house.
 I actually have a drawer in the art room where I toss misc. metal, like different wires, keys, and screen; and also have a corner with lots of old jars (I cant resist those $1 boxes of 'em at yard sales!)
What you will need:
1 small jar
votive candle
metal screen 
(needs to be metal so it won't fall apart when it's cut)
heart template + marker
spray adhesive
(thin enough to fit through the screen holes)
Using a template, trace out heart shapes on the screen and carefully cut out.
Lay out on paper (to save your surface) and spray hearts with adhesive - add sparkles.
When the hearts are dry, string them onto the wire and wrap your jar with the heart-wire.

I ♥ the way it looks in a dark room and the sparkles give it great effect in daylight too!

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